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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I AM, by Katherine RobinSun

I am the WE as the I AM
Upholding the Veil of Separation
So that the I AM as the WE
Can rejoice in the Bliss of Union.
I am the vibration which melts the Veil
As each finely tuned frequency
Attains its peak
Of perfectly focused uniqueness..
Breathing into existence and non-existence:
The Void, The Chaos, The Whole.
I am the One, the Two, the ALL
Which In-merges, E-merges
And Re-merges...
Which Disappears, Refocuses and Remembers...
Which Re-members, Re-forms, and Re-appears.
Within the beauty of the Dance
The beauty of the Weaving
The beauty of the Forming and Re-forming....
Of the Dismembering and Re-membering...
Of the Dark,
Of the Light,
Of the Silence in the Sound,
Pulses the Eternally Sustained Note...
So High,
So Sweet
So Intense
It is crystallized forever
Into the Pristine Infinity of
I seek to reawaken to the pristine purity of the One
While rejoicing in the piercing sweet illusion of the Many
I seek to gaze into the transparent mirror of the Crystal Grail
And Drink from it's infinitely faceted depths
The Joy,
The Beauty,
The Reality and
The Eternity
Of the I AM.
Blow laughter-bubbles
Up from my heart
See them smiling float....
They are, after all
Sheer butterfly whisper-wings
Of my love.

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