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The core teaching of Buddhism is to help people become less self-centered and learn how to give love to others.

--Lama Surya Dass, as quoted in Spirituality and Health magazine, September/October 2017 issue


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Job’s Second Daughters and the Kabbalah of the Unicorn.

There has been much existential hand-wringing discussion over the centuries about the Book of Job. However, there has been little focus on the significance of the concluding verses and his second set of daughters. Come explore these interesting passages and the mystical significance of how one daughter’s name relates to a single-horned creature, sometimes associated with a unicorn.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Atheists/Agnostics

For Atheists/Agnostics

[The following is something I wrote in response to an email I received from someone expressing their lack of connection with anything spiritual or related to God. I felt it worth sharing with a wider audience for anyone else of like mind.]

Concerning your lack of connection with anything you deem spiritual or related to God, one thing that comes to mind is "conscience", the source within us that helps us establish some sense of right and wrong, morality, ethics. Do you think you have a "conscience"? If so, what is the source of your conscience? I would say that Spirit, God and Conscience are all closely interconnected. Also closely connected would be the source of any sense you may have of humanity, brotherhood/sisterhood, etc.

Another thing that comes to mind is a sense of aesthetics/beauty. If you are inspired by certain works of art or music, the question is, what is it within you that stirs such feelings? I would again say that Spirit, God and a sense of what is beautiful, poetic, aesthetically moving are all closely interconnected.

And last, but not least, what is the difference between two bodies lying on the floor, side by side, one that of someone, human or animal, who has just died, and the other that of a similar being that is still alive. Their physical components are the same, but the living being is animated by something that no longer exists in the dead being. I would again say that Spirit, God and the life force that distinguishes between what is alive and dead are all closely interconnected.

Also, if you don't believe in Spirit or God or things like that, can you define what it is that you don't believe in? Maybe what you don't believe in is not really Spirit or God, but erroneous or incomplete common conceptions. Maybe there is a different definition of these terms more in line with the above that you can believe in.

One more thing for your contemplation about God and spirituality: What is infinity? As far as numbers go, all kinds of infinities are all around us. If you start with zero on the number line and count positive integers, it goes to infinity, if you count negative integers, it goes to infinity. There are even all kinds of infinities between each integer. 1.111111...goes on forever, as does 1.2222..., etc. If you divide one by three, you get 1.33333... forever. Pi is a non-repeating computation that goes on forever. I think that God and Spirit are closely related to Infinity.

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