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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quote of the Week 101 - Carole Lynne

"I am now in my sixties. I still have a deep love of God, but I do not see the personified God I saw at age thirteen. He is not an old man sitting up in heaven directing me. In fact, the God of my understanding is not a he or a she and has no personality as we human beings think of personality. I see God as Cosmic Energy — Spiritual Light. God is Divine Consciousness far beyond my human comprehension. I do not have adequate understanding or words to accurately describe God. I still have a love of Jesus, but I see Jesus in a different context than I did as a child. For me, Jesus remains in my heart, but as one of the greatest spiritual teachers, healers, and mediums who ever lived. I believe the spirit of Jesus still guides us. And I still believe Jesus is a son of God, but he is a son of God as we are all sons and daughters of God. I have come to value not only Jesus, but also many other great spiritual teachers, such as Buddha and Gandhi.”

“If God is beyond Human comprehension and we have no adequate words to describe God, then how can we, as human beings, comprehend God? This question is extremely important, because as we come to understand that God is beyond our comprehension, we can begin to understand why God ­— or, as many of us say, Spirit — needs to speak to us in ways that we can comprehend: through spiritual dreams, revelations, synchronicities, and mystical experiences. As God speaks, Divine Consciousness flows through the mind of each individual soul. But because our mental perceptions differ based on our age, nationality, cultural upbringing, and possibly past-life tendencies, we do not each receive the messages from Divine Consciousness in the same way. Even though the Divine Consciousness is always the same, our perceptions of it differ. And that is as it should be.”

-- from the book Cosmic Connection, Messages for a Better World, by Carole Lynne (Ms. Lynne’s father was Jewish, her mother was Christian, and her religious upbringing was through Congregational and Presbyterian Christianity)

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