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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the Week 110 - Michael Mirdad: The Soul Transformation Process

Michael Mirdad: The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process

[I admit that I have not kept up with all of the new stars being constantly added to the constellation of modern spiritual teachers. In my meanderings, I came across a presentation and interview about a new book by Michael Mirdad in a recent edition of Evolve magazine (which is basically a marketing tool of a distributor for “new age” types of products). He is described, among other things as a “world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and author” and a “teacher’s teacher and healer’s healer”. He has several other books, and apparently makes the lecture circuit at Unity Churches and various conferences. He seems to have a broad orientation, but anchored in some form of mystic Christianity, as he refers to “Christ Consciousness”, which among metaphysical Christians equates to a consciousness of the Divine Heart, or Tiphareth, from a Jewish mystical perspective. His newest book is called You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!, The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process. I found the basic message as summarized in that article and listed below to be a very helpful articulation of stages of inner spiritual transformation, which he calls the “Soul Transformation Process”. He emphasizes that this is not a description of a one-time all-transforming event for an individual, but rather a description of one of many such events that a person may continually undergo in an ongoing process of inner transformation, some being of greater or lesser magnitude, with an extreme version being what has been called “the dark night of the soul”.]

The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process

1. Dismantling: The process begins when there is something about your life that has been stuck or stagnant for too long and is now ready for change. Your soul activates the process to shake things up a little, or a lot.
2. Emptiness: Now that the illusions you held about life have been exposed and have begun to dissipate or Dismantle, you’ll feel Empty and depressed – mainly due to the time, effort, and (what you thought was) love you’ve invested in the dissipating illusions.
3. Disorientation: Since the life you thought was intact, needless to say, clearly wasn’t, you will now be in a state of Disorientation and possibly doubt everything, including your abilities to do anything right or to make good decisions.
4. Re-building: Now that you seem to have lost something (or maybe everything), you may have learned how to trust and surrender. In so doing, you are probably open to new ideas and inspiration, all of which are leading you to the potential of creating A New Life.
5. A New Life: This is the stage wherein you reap the obvious fruits of the healing, patience, and humility that you’ve developed. Having set aside your limited humanness, you can take the understanding of your Divinity to a whole new level.

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