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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Class For This Fall - Jewish Yoga Meditation and Mysticism

Dates and Time: Five consecutive two-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings from October 12 through November 9; 7 PM to 9 PM. This series is cumulative in nature, and it is important to commit to all five sessions. However, missing one session will not be fatal. For those with prior meditation experience or who cannot commit to all five sessions, but would like to attend the last session specifically on Jewish Yoga Meditation, that is available as a stand-alone session.

Location: Temple Sinai, 5645 Dupree Drive, Atlanta, GA 30327. Please call or email to pre-register: Judy Thomas, 404-252-3073 x 330; jthomas@templesinaiatlanta.org.

Cost: $50.00 for the series of five sessions, or $15.00 for the last session alone.

Description: The great spiritual traditions of both East and West have throughout the ages promoted various forms of meditation as important practices to foster spiritual awakening and development. As an independent practice, to supplement other spiritual or religious practices, for stress management and relaxation, or all of the above, this course will provide the theoretical framework and practical technique for a traditional yoga-based practice derived from an ancient and time-honored Himalayan tradition. Included will be basic breathing and stress reduction techniques. They lay the foundation for access to avenues leading to the stillness within. Connections will also be made throughout to similar principles found in Jewish mysticism. The final session will cover Jewish meditation utilizing Hebrew phrases in place of yoga mantras and a Jewish healing meditation practice called Ruach El Shaddai/Breath of Balance, employing the practical application of Hebrew Kabalistic concepts in an advanced healing meditation. The class consists of 5 two-hour sessions meeting once a week for 5 consecutive weeks.

Teacher: Steven J. Gold, BA Antioch College, Philosophy and Religion; JD Emory Law School, is the founder/director of the Yoga and Judaism Center in Atlanta, GA and the author of Yoga and Judaism (2007) and Ivri: The Essence of Hebrew Spirituality (2010). He has been an initiate, student, practitioner and teacher in a Himalayan meditation tradition for over 30 years and a student of Kabala and Jewish Spirituality for several years. He developed a hybrid Jewish Yoga Meditation and Healing Meditation which is covered in the culmination of these sessions.

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