Torah and Veda are two ancient sources of spirituality still vibrant today. Torah is conveyed through the sacred language of Hebrew and Veda is conveyed through the sacred language of Sanskrit. The focus here is on meditation, mysticism, philosophy, psychology and the underlying spirituality that has been incorporated into religions, and not as much on the religions themselves. Your comments and posts are welcome.

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Quote of the Week 378 - Core Teaching of Buddhism

The core teaching of Buddhism is to help people become less self-centered and learn how to give love to others.

--Lama Surya Dass, as quoted in Spirituality and Health magazine, September/October 2017 issue


I will be making a presentation at the Atlanta Southeast Limmud this Labor Day weekend, with the following title:

Job’s Second Daughters and the Kabbalah of the Unicorn.

There has been much existential hand-wringing discussion over the centuries about the Book of Job. However, there has been little focus on the significance of the concluding verses and his second set of daughters. Come explore these interesting passages and the mystical significance of how one daughter’s name relates to a single-horned creature, sometimes associated with a unicorn.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


ANNOUNCING THE PUBLICATION OF TORAH PORTION SUMMARIES; With Insights from the Perspective of a Jewish Yogi, by Steven J. Gold.


This is the first in a planned series of books that I am coining “Special Reserve Editions”. The plan for now is to make these books available for sale only through the printer, Lulu, with very limited distribution and marketing efforts. In this manner, I can minimize expenses and keep the retail price down.

TORAH IN THE LIGHT OF YOGA. This book contains summaries of the weekly Torah portions for the entire Five Books of Moses. It includes insights and perspectives from a person born and raised Jewish who has also been a long-time student and practitioner of a Himalayan tradition of yoga/Vedanta meditation. It is intended to be a study guide, reference tool and aid for anyone who might find Torah/Bible study a bit intimidating or overwhelming, and who might be interested in perspectives from a Jewish yogi. An effort has been made to render a readable, objective and succinct summary of the basic story-line and teachings contained in the primary text and major commentaries without getting bogged down in too much detail. When made, the more subjective remarks are pretty obvious. Of course, what is chosen to highlight and what is chosen to minimize or overlook involves selective subjective choices. Interspersed among the actual summaries are Divrei Torah, supplemental essays providing personal takes and insights on materials of particular interest or inspiration.

In order to keep the retail price down, I have produced this book on larger paper (8 ½ x 11) using small, but readable print and formatting. Due to its larger size, in addition to a perfect-bound version, I have also made it available in a spiral-bound version that might make it easier to handle.

Remember that it will only be available through Lulu: www.lulu.com and enter the title or my name, or http://stores.lulu.com/yajc.

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