Torah and Veda are two ancient sources of spirituality still vibrant today. Torah is conveyed through the sacred language of Hebrew and Veda is conveyed through the sacred language of Sanskrit. The focus here is on meditation, mysticism, philosophy, psychology and the underlying spirituality that has been incorporated into religions, and not as much on the religions themselves. Your comments and posts are welcome.

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Quote of the Week 379 - Song

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

--Swedish Proverb


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quote of the Week 182 - Process and Effort

The fact is, that in our lifetime we are never guaranteed we will live long enough to finish what we want to accomplish. No guarantee. What we are guaranteed, however, is that we will live long enough to try, to begin the  process. It isn’t about achievement, it is about the effort, the process, the journey, the phases along the way.

--Rabbi Gershon Winkler

[Observation by Steve Gold: And any achievements we may accomplish along the way are just stepping stones in the process, which is never-ending]

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