Sunday, January 25, 2009

Further Correlations: Yoga and Judaism Levels, Layers, Concepts

1. Ashtanga Yoga Limbs: 1, Yama, 2 Niyama, 3 Asana – Relating to the physical material world
Yoga Kosha (Sheath, Veil, Layer): Annamayakosha – Food/Material/Physical
Yoga Practice: Karma, Asana
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Nefesh
Kabbalistic World: Assiyah
Jewish Practice: Mitzvot

2. Ashtanga Yoga Limb: 4, Prana
Yoga Kosha: Pranamayakosha
Yoga Practice: Pranayama
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Ruach
Kabbalistic World: Yetzirah
Jewish Practice: Breath Awareness

3. Ashtanga Yoga Limb: 5, Pratyahara
Yoga Kosha: Manomayakosha
Yoga Practice: Pratyahara, Sense Withdrawal
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Ruach ha-kodesh
Kabbalistic World: Briyah
Jewish Practice: Hitbodedut

4. Ashtanga Yoga Limb: 6, Dharana
Yoga Kosha: Vijnanamayakosha
Yoga Practice: Dharana, Concentration
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Neshamah
Kabbalistic World: Atziluth below the triad of Keter, Chokmah, Binah
Jewish Practice: Kavannah

5. Ashtanga Yoga Limb: 7, Dhyana
Yoga Kosha: Anandamayakosha
Yoga Practice: Dhyana, Meditation
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Chaya
Kabbalistic World: Triad of Keter, Chokmah and Binah of Atziluth
Jewish Practice: Hitbonenut

6. Ashtanga Yoga Limb: 8, Samadhi
Yoga Kosha: The Pure Inner Spirit beyond the koshas; the realm of Sat Chit Ananda; in a lower level of samadhi, some sense of a separate self remains, but in a higher level, there is complete absorption/union of the separate self with the One
Yoga Practice: The culmination of the preceding practices
Jewish Layer of the Soul: Beyond layers, Devekut (clinging, cleaving) is the level where some sense of separate self remains, Avodah Be-Bittul, Yechida, Yichud is the level where there is complete absorption/union of the separate self with the One
Kabbalistic World: The realm of Ein, Ein Soph, Ein Soph Aur beyond the 4 worlds
Jewish Practice: The culmination of the preceding practices

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Quote of the Week 381 - Heaven

Heaven is all round,

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