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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God and Evil

I have been engaged in an ongoing private email dialogue with someone, and I would like to share an edited version of our latest exchange. It begins with their follow-up question to an earlier response I gave about the meaning and function of kundalini.

Thank you so much for your long and thorough reply. How then would you differentiate between God and Kundalini, since surely we cannot say that God is the author or source of sin or evil?

I will try to keep my response short this time.

First, I'll start with some questions for you to ponder:

Can anything at all exist without God?

Are you suggesting with your question that something (sin, evil) exists independent of God?

How can you suggest that, if you are a monotheist, which you appear to be?

If you are a monotheist, does not everything owe its authorship or source to the One?

If you have a child that becomes a totally incorrigible, lifetime criminal committing the most heinous of crimes, is he/she no longer your child?

Isn't Samael/Satan/Lucifer a fallen angel?
(A designation of God is in the name of Samael, as “El” is a designation of God, and “Samael” means “The Venom of God”. “Satan” is usually translated as “The Adversary”, who is considered an agent of God with the mission to tempt humans and test their free will and resolve to stay on the path of righteousness, and is sometimes referred to as “Sataniel”, again employing a designation of God in its name. “Lucifer” has a somewhat convoluted history related to the light of the morning star, but also is described as a fallen angel).

If so, when he was a good angel, was he not a creation of God's?

If so, did he cease to be a creation of God's after he fell?

I have differentiated between God and Kundalini the best I could in my last lengthy response. Kundalini, by my definition, is the designation for the power/activity of God as Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of all in the realm of the relative, of the manifest, of actuality. In that realm, God as Kundalini is a verb as much as a noun. There is a wonderful book by a modern Jewish mystic rabbi, David Cooper, called "God is a Verb".  Kundalini does not exist in the realm beyond creation. There, the ineffable God alone exists. 
Ponder, contemplate the above. Give it some time. Then l would like to hear from you.

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