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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quote of the Week 192 - What Is God?

I attended a Jewish conference this past Labor Day weekend called “Limmud”, which means, learning. If you haven’t attended one, you should check it out, as they are a lot of fun, and very educational. They are conducted all over the world, run mostly by volunteers. So I encourage you to do an internet search and check for one in your area.

At this conference, there was a young fellow named Patrick Aleph who was a presenter, and spoke about an ongoing project of his called “The God Project”, in which he is going all around the country and making video interviews of people talking about their definition of God. He discussed his findings so far, and solicited participants to allow him to video them. I volunteered, and this was the basic gist of our recorded conversation. A much more extensive conversation off-camera followed.

What is God?

I am that I am. And that’s all that I am. God is Popeye.

Let me answer that question with another question: What is not God?

To pose that answer in the positive, God is everything that exists, both known and unknown, and all activity and inactivity related to everything that exists.

But what about evil, does God include evil?

God includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing can exist independent of God.

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